Climate Adaptation Through Data

Who are we?

risQ is a National Science Foundation funded company led by a team of experts in data & physical sciences, with deep experience in climate & private sector innovation.

What do we do?

risQ is the leader in modeling and translating climate risk to the bottom line for municipal debt participants.

Why do we do it?

Adapting to climate change is crucial for the U.S. economy, yet there has been a lack of actionable data for stakeholders.

What makes us different?

risQ enables transparency in municipal climate risk. This empowers investors to better manage portfolios and allows cities to identify cost-benefit effective climate adaptation opportunities.

Actionable Insights for the Municipal Debt Market

Heat Stress

Intensification of heatwaves puts public health and the energy sector at risk, threatening the tax bases of cities


Coastal and inland floods continue to increase in terms depth and frequency, threatening billions in land value and real estate


Hurricanes are intensifying and bringing unprecedented rainfall, threatening major metros in new ways


Expansion of cities and increasing drought is multiplying the risk of wildfire to property and infrastructure at risk

Measuring Climate Risk to Slices of Local Economies


Quantify the impact of climate change risks on key, local GDP generators


Analyze climate risk to city workforces — slice and dice by affluence and industry type


Understand & benchmark retail risk by location in terms of business interruption and real estate risk

Property Value

Measure property and tax value at risk to climate change-driven hazards


Quantify and visualize the impact of climate risk on local transit effectiveness and infrastructure

Climate Migration

Understand how climate change will influence micro- and macro-scale migration patterns

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