July 9, 2020

Climate Risk (pseudo-)Disclosure of the Week: 6/19-6/25

Brazoria County is one of a handful of counties that makes up a region known as the Texas Coastal Bend.…
June 21, 2020

Honorable Mention – Climate Risk (Misdirecting) Disclosure of the Week: 6/12-6/18

While wildfire and drought are usually the headlines associated with California, inland areas are prone to heavy downfalls and flooding…
June 12, 2020

Climate Risk (pseudo-)Disclosure of the Week: 6/1-6/5

Toms River Township suffered major damage in 2012 as a result of SuperStorm Sandy, including hurricane wind and storm surge…
May 29, 2020

Climate Risk (non-)Disclosure of the Week: 5/18-5/22

For this week's non-disclosing Preliminary Official Statement, we've gone inland again, in this case to northeast Arkansas where hurricanes and…